Zagu Franchise, Inclusions, Application Process etc

Refreshments are always part of our lives.

Everywhere we go, from iced tea to shakes, Filipinos will always be a big fan of it. That’s why there are lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who indulge businesses in line with this thinking that this is their stepping stone in the world of business.

Did you know that Zagu was established in San Juan around 1999 and is only offering Taro and Honeydew flavors? And they’re acclaimed the first store to ever bring pearl drink in the country. Here’s a quick run through on the things you should take into consideration before franchising Zagu as your business.

What are the inclusions of the Zagu franchise business?

The inclusions of acquiring a Zagu franchise are as follows:

  • Recipes, ingredients and instructions
  • Initial inventory
  • Cart Construction cost
  • Service Crew Training and Uniform
  • Signages
  • Insurance
  • Ocular inspection of the site selected
  • Customized Operating System
  • Marketing and Advertising assistance

But do note that Zagu doesn’t provide the following things such as security deposit; advance rental; construction bond; government permit; BIR taxes; and compensation of the crew.

What are the steps in applying for a Zagu franchise business?

  1. You will be asked to fill the initial questionnaire form.
  2. After which you will be evaluated and assessed based on your answers on the questionnaire form.
  3. For your interview, you will need to be with your spouse (if applicable) or your business partner(s).
  4. After which, a Sales Account Officer will inform you if you have passed all the initial assessments done for your application.
  5. A payment or cash bond worth of PHP 10,000.00 shall be given to Zagu and you can also refund this if for some instances the operations will be ceased.
  6. Application form and requirements shall be submitted and you will be then interviewed before another interview with the Working Committee.
  7. A post approval meeting shall commenced after your application has been approved.
  8. You will be then asked to send proposed locations where you have to specify the following; photos and vicinity map of the location, letter of intent, and endorsement letter.
  9. You will then need to pay the necessary amount of the investment package.
  10. After signing the agreement, you will have to attend the business operation seminar and there will be crew training that will be held for your crew.
  11. A final ocular inspection of your location will be done before picking up of your materials.

Is Zagu a good investment?

With more than 450 stores all over the Philippines, the good thing about franchising about Zagu is its established brand. You do not need to worry if it will be patronized by Filipinos since it’s been tested that it’s a widely favorite brand of drink by many.

What are the good thing about franchising Zagu?

The good things of franchising Zagu is that you’ll have a sure market without doing much of an advertising. Aside from that, you can have the rights over the recipes of the business as well as the ability to grow your savings into a profitable business. There are also no franchise fee nor royalty fee for the purchasing of a Zagu business.

How much is your potential profit from Zagu?

You’re most likely to gain back your investment within a year plus a profit since Zagu is cost-effective in terms of selling price and its luscious taste that children to adult really patronize.

What are the potential risks of franchising Zagu?

The potential risks of acquiring Zagu is that like any other franchise, you’ll have limited to none on the services and products to be offered. You will be tied to an agreement and somehow you’re only half the owner of your business since Zagu still have a hold in it.

Who are my target customers in Zagu?

The target customers here are usually shoppers who want to quick drink. Usually Zagu stalls are placed inside supermarkets or outside the malls just to ensure that they are in the vicinity.

Where should you put up your Zagu?

Most Zagu kiosks are put up inside malls where there are larger markets. But the downside to it is that the rental fee inside malls which can be quite expensive. Some opt to put it outside malls or other places where the rental is less expensive.

How much is the cost of franchising Zagu?

With PHP 450,000.00 to PHP 600,00.00, you can have your own Zagu business anywhere you like. Before officially franchising, you will be given an option on how you’d like to operate your Zagu business: if indoor, you can put it in a stall, kiosk, or a standard cart. If outdoor, it can be a roadside stall or kiosk.

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