Requirements and How to Get Voter’s ID in the Philippines

Voter’s ID is a requirement for every Filipino in order to become a valid voter in political elections, locally or nationally in the Philippines. It is also recognized as lifetime ID which requires no renewal to remain valid.

The procedure for voter’s ID application is very quick and easy. You don’t need to spend hours waiting in line to be called for your name and you don’t need to wake up early to be the first in line.

In fact, every municipality has comelec office you can go to whenever you need to apply for voter’s ID so there should be no excuse why you can’t have one.


Requirements / Qualifications for Voter’s ID application

  • Personal appearance in comelec office
  • 2 valid IDs
  • Filipino Citizen of at least 18 Years of age
  • Resident of Philippines at least 1 year.


Disqualification for Voter’s ID application

  • People sentenced to be imprisoned
  • People who committed any crime against national security
  • Insanity


How to get Voter’s ID

  • Go to comelec office
  • Complete application form
  • Thumbnail scan for biometrics
  • Photo capture


Once everything is complete, you will receive a stab copy of your application you can use when you vote.


Some facts:

  • Your voter’s ID card will be released 2 years from the date your application.
  • You can only use your stab copy for voting purposes
  • Your voter’s ID will be delivered right to your doorstep

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