List of Valid ID every Filipino must have

Valid ID is the primary way of an individual to present when being asked for a proof of identity. This is very common when you open a bank account, when you enter a building as visitor, exclusive subdivision or even when you receive an important package.

A valid ID should be a government issued, not disposable, should not be replicated and should not be issued several times to a single person unless there is an expiration date. This means, if you already have a passport ID, you can’t apply for another passport ID until your existing copy expires. Otherwise, you will need to file affidavit of loss, pay a penalty for losing your passport ID etc.

Nowadays, when you are making a financial loan, bank withdrawal, loan application, you will be required to present at least two government issued IDs. Not having any of so-called government IDs lead to rejection.


List of valid IDs in the Philippines:

  • Philippine Passport
  • Postal ID
  • Driver’s License (student, non-pro and professional)
  • SSSUMID card
  • Voter’sID
  • SeniorCitizen ID
  • PNPFirearms License
  • SchoolID (if applicable)
  • AirmanLicense (Aug 2016 issued onwards)

Note: List of lifetime valid ID

  • Voter’sID

Always safekeep your valid IDs. Don’t bring them all at the same time unless you need them to.

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