Turks Franchise Fee, Requirements and Procedure

Filipinos are known for its diverse cuisines.

We’ve seemed to adapt famous cuisines overall the world and have managed to add Filipino touch to it. From burger to pastas, and even snacks, Filipinos creativity is not only visible through canvass and breathtaking stage performances, also through mouth-savoring foods known not only locally, but also internationally.

One of the famous snacks and go-to foods of many Filipino nowadays is turks – a Mexican-inspired food that has attracted thousands of Filipinos all over the country. Turks has definitely got our taste and love for eating savory meat.

It’s no wonder how there’s a lot of people keen to know if Turks is definitely a good form of investment. Here are quick guides that you can use as your start-up research if Turks is good business to franchise.

Basic Requirements for Franchising Turks:

Take note that before choosing where you’d like to put up your Turks franchise, you’ll have to follow the requirements set by the management:

  • 4 sq. meters for food cart
  • 8- 10 sq. meters for kiosk
  • 11 – 15 sq. meters for take-out
  • 15-30 sq. meters for food stall
  • Minimum of 20 sq. meters for in-line


Franchise Fee is ranging from

  • P1.6 million for a food cart / stall to P3.4 million for a full store.

Is Turks a good investment?

In just a decade, Turks have managed to have 300 franchises all over the country. This is considerably a good count for a business who’s in the industry for less than twenty years. It goes to show that Turks isn’t just the kind of short-term business opportunity that would fade over time (e.g. such as sudden rise and fall of some food centers), instead it competes competitively in the market.

What are the good things about franchising Turks?

The good thing about Turks as well is that it gives the people a variety of food to choose from: they offer beef and chicken pita doner, kebab wrap, beef and chicken doner on rice, kebab on rice, quesadilla, doner platter, and doner steak.

Aside from wide-array of foods to choose from, Turks is endorsed by one of the most sought-after artists in the industry of entertainment – Piolo Pascual. That alone can suffice the branding your business will need in order to attract audience. Aside from that, Turks also has its own marketing strategies that shall be implemented in your franchise as well (as part of the agreement) that is guaranteed to help your business to grow more.


How much is franchise fee and investment cost of Turks?

The franchise and investment cost will depend on the kind of franchising you want to avail – food kiosk or a full Turks store. The franchise fee will cost around PHP 1M to 1.4M, amounting to a total investment of PHP 1.6 M (for food cart) to 3.4M (for a full store).


How much is your potential profit from Turks?

Potential profit can range from half a million after a couple of years of getting back what you have invested. This forecast still depends on the location of your place and the demand of product.


What are the potential risks of franchising Turks?

One of the most common dilemmas in any business, whether it’s your own or a franchise is looking for a quality manpower. If you’re to ask any CEO or any person starting their own business, they would rather be their own manpower if that’s even possible.

From inventory to actual business operation and delivery, finding the right people who will assure that proper customer experience has been delivered towards the customers is a tough job.

It cannot also be denied that franchising means that the Turks will get a profit from what you are earning. Thus, this means that you have to earn extra or meet more than the ideal quota since you have to ensure that you will be able to get back what you have invested and at the same time earn profit from the business.


Who are my target customers in Turks?

The general public is the target customer when it comes in putting up a Turks franchise. Due to the affordable yet quality food offered by Turks, they are considered the perfect merienda for families, friends, and colleagues. As a country obsessed with meat, Turks have successfully provided us, meat lovers, with the right kind of meal that can be served in a few minutes.

Ideal locations of Turks are inside and outside the malls, near commercial areas such as supermarkets and dry markets and even inside food parks. Of course, your initial choice of place will be assessed and you’ll also be assisted through trainings and programs offered by Turks on where and why is the best place to put up a Turks business.

For more information, you may contact Turks at: (02) 990 9992 / (02) 634 0586 / (02) 634 3717 or their mobile nos. (639) 20 983 0247 / (639) 17 881 6999, you may e-mail them at franchising@ufranchiseasia.com or visit their website at www.turks.ph and learn more about the business opportunity they have to offer. Their office, U-Franchise Sales and Management, is located at Unit 2807 Jollibee Plaza, F. Ortigas, Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines.

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