Potato Corner Franchise, Requirements, Cost, Procedure

Filipinos are a big fan of snacks.

And as one of the countries formerly invaded by Americans, we have adapted some of their widely recognized snacks – french fries. And true to Filipinos’ creativity and innate character to innovate and explore, we have created our very own flavored french friends through the form of Potato Corner.

Now, after more than two decades, Potato Corner serves from kids to adults as one of the favorite and cheap french fries snack all over the country. The business has also managed to gain several franchisees, nonetheless the reason why in commercial areas everywhere you look. It wouldn’t be complete without a Potato Corner kiosk catering to its customers.

Here is your quick guide in familiarizing yourself with the basic information and tips when it comes in franchising Potato Corner.

What are the requirements in franchising Potato Corner?

As a franchisee, you will need to provide the following:

  • Letter of intent that also indicates the proposed location
  • Images of the proposed area or site.
  • Comprehensive resume
  • Two (2) photocopies of two (2) of the following government-issued IDs: PRC, SSS, Voter’s ID, Passport.

Step by Step Procedure for Franchising Potato Corner:

  1. Submit letter of intent together with application form
  2. Attend initial interview
  3. Conduct market study and prepare your business plan
  4. Prepare for personal presentation of your business plan
  5. Final background evaluation
  6. Contract preparation, review and signing

How much is the franchise package of Potato Corner?

The price of franchise depends on the package that you are interested to purchase:

  • Either school cart (PHP 200,000.00)
  • Standard franchise package (PHP 350,000.00)
  • Custom fit (PHP 150,000)
  • Kiosk with roof (PHP 335,000.00)
  • Kioks without roof (PHP 335,000.00)
  • Kiosk with/without roof and with seating (PHP 500,000.00 – 600,000.00)
  • In-line store (PHP 500,000.00 – 700,000.00) or
  • In-line store with seating (PHP 800,000.00 – PHP 1.2M).

Is Potato Corner a good investment?

Potato Corner has been in the industry for 25 years and has been recognized as one of the World’s best flavored french rise all over the globe. With over 1,000 stores all over the country, this an evident proof that Potato Corner is an ideal place to use your savings with. It offers ease of operations through system(s) and training(s) provided and thoroughly looks after their franchisees to guarantee that they have all they need in operating the business smoothly.

What are the good thing about franchising Potato Corner?

The takeaway from franchising Potato Corner is that the management see through it that all franchisees have undergone proper training and have enough knowledge in business and marketing to ensure the success of their franchised business.

While Potato Corner means business when it comes with dealing with franchisees, they also want to ensure that these franchisees have gone through seminars, training, and other programs that will aide them in being more innovative in the field of business while gaining technical skills in ensuring that the business will continuously gain profit.

How much is your potential profit from Potato Corner?

A PHP 3,500.00 sales everyday is the targeted amount to ensure that you may earn PHP 1.2M annually. You may get your investment back in less than two (2) years but always bear in mind that there are several factors to consider to ensure the success of your business. One of which is the place and market of your products in the area you’ve selected and approved by the management.


What are the potential risks of franchising Potato Corner?

For any business, manpower is one of the main risks, especially for Potato Corner that requires attentiveness and alertness of the employees since they have to deliver the product as fast as they can without putting the quality at stake.

Another factor is surpassing the set quota per month since Potato Corner will share a percentage with your monthly earnings. While marketing and branding will never be a problem for you as a franchisee, the fact that you have to ensure that you will never go beyond your set quota is quite a challenge especially during seasons where french fries aren’t much of a demand to the people.

Who are my target customers in Potato Corner?

The target customers for Potato Corner are students and workers. Especially during the afternoon, the peak time of french fries, Potato Corner’s french fries serves s their quick snack to get throug the rest of the day.

Where should I put up my Potato Corner franchise?

For school cart, it can be built near schools, colleges, universities or in any canteen area within school premises with measurements of 2.10 m. for height, 1.22 m. for length, and 60 meters for width. For standard package it can be placed near clinics, workplaces, shopping areas, terminals and other commercial areas with measurements of 2.10 m. for height, 1.90 m. for length, and 80 meters for width.

For more information, you may contact Potato Corner at (632) 534 5845/46 and ask for Ellaine Bautista. You may also e-mail them at iwantfranchise@potatocorner.com. Their office is located at CINCO Corporation 869 Katarungan St., Plainview, Mandaluyong City.

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