Dunkin Donut Franchise, Fee and Procedure

Filipinos naturally have a sweeth tooth.

Even our ancestors used to be a big fan of sweets especially during the invasion of the Spaniards where more sweets have been created. That’s why there’s no doubt that until now, Philippines is home to sweet delicacies and continuously investing in foreign sweets such as donuts. One of the most popular seller of donuts is Dunkin Donuts.  A foreign store franchised globally, Dunkin Donuts has also entered the Philippines and has served to many Filipinos, from kids to adults.


What are the requirements on applying for Dunkin Donuts franchise?

  1. A letter of intent to Dunkin Donuts with thorough information of the applicant and complete address of the proposed place to put up Dunkin Donuts.
  2. Images of the proposed place/area.
  3. Vicinity Map.


Is Dunkin Donuts a good investment?

Dunkin Donuts is considered a good investment not only because Filipinos will always remain an avid fan of sweets, but also because Dunkin Donuts has already a brand name and it won’t be hard for you to sell its products. And also, since food is one of the basic necessities, and sweets are just one of the many kinds we couldn’t get enough of, donuts is a long-term kind of business- it may serve as someone’s favorite snack, stress food or their go-to food whenever they are hungry.

What are the good things about franchising Dunkin Donuts?

With only PHP 200,000.00, you can have your own Dunkin Donuts franchise. You also won’t have to think about trainings, equipment, ingredients, and other system(s) to make the business operation go as smoothly as it can for it comes as a package when you’ve signed the contract with Dunkin Donuts management.

Dunkin Donuts will also guide you with the business strategies and management to better guide you with the business, especially if you are someone who’s starting up their own business or new in franchising business.

How much is your potential profit from Dunkin Donuts?

With the high demand of Dunking Donuts nowadays, especially with millenials for its instagram worthy look and appeal, you can definitely get back what you’ve invested in half a year. This is also still depends on the place you’ve chosen and approved. You should set a quota every month to ensure that you’ll get back what you have invested for the place, manpower and the business itself while still earning profit.

What are the potential risks of franchising Dunkin Donuts?

The potential risks are a) manpower for you have to hire on your own for the hardest thing about acquiring employees is the reliability to do the tasks in accordance to your rules and b) construction of the site franchise itself. All construction materials, manpower, and compensation needed will be shouldered by you as the owner of the Dunkin Donuts franchise.

Who are my target customers in Dunkin Donuts?

It’s ideal to put Dunkin Donuts stalls near transportation stations such as jeepneys, bus, and even airport terminal because the target customers for donuts are those people who would like to grab a quick food without waiting for long lines from restaurants and fast food chains.

Aside from that, it’s also ideal to put it up near supermarkets where mothers and kids will always be found and even inside the malls where people would want to have a delicious donut without costing them so much money. The good thing about Dunkin Donuts is that since it has a high demand, you wouldn’t have to think hard on where to place it, as long as its around crowded places and serving common Filipinos, you’ll definitely have the strategic place for this franchise.

Where should you put up your Dunkin Donuts?

The target places are those where most people will be seen gathering such as malls, public transportation terminals, near supermarkets, and even near churches and tourist spot attractions. The thing about Dunkin Donuts is that you don’t have to hard sell it in crowded places because will come to it instantly.

How much is the cost of franchising Dunkin Donuts?

The cost of putting a franchise would cost around PHP 200,000.00 to PHP 500,000.00 depending on the expenses you’ll have to spend on building the chosen and approved place to put up Dunkin Donuts.

What are the different kinds of Dunkin Donuts franchise?

Dunkin Donuts offers two (2) way of franchising. Area Franchise is usually given to a operator where the person is responsible for the development of area. Usually the investment starts at PHP 32 Million. On the other hand, there’s Dealership where the person has the right to a kiosk or take-out counter which will cost around PHP 200,000.00 depending on the outlet or space chosen.

For more questions and/or inquiries, you may contact them at 0998 8429920/ 0998 8429923 or e-mail them at bdd@dunkindonuts.ph. Their office is located at Golden Donuts, Inc., Cor. Reliance and Sheridan St., Mandaluyong City.

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