DFA Online Passport Appointment, Renewal, Requirements and Procedure

If you want to travel abroad, a DFA passport is a primary requirement you need to go from one country to another. It is recognized by foreign countries as valid proof identity by Filipinos abroad.

The procedure for DFA passport application is very handy and convenient. You don’t have to go through a very long line, transferring from one window to another and wait for hours to be called in.

In fact, you can schedule a DFA passport appointment online and claim it without any bothering experiences at all. However, you have to wait for days, weeks or even months to schedule your passport appointment.

How to schedule DFA passport appointment:

  1. Visit passport.gov.ph (only Yahoo and Gmail are acceptable email address to receive email confirmation)
  1. Complete application form
  2. Save your DFA passport appointment schedule

What are the DFA passport requirements new / renewal

  1. Print copy of DFA passport appointment
  2. Valid ID
  3. Personal Appearance
  4. NBI clearance

Note: The modern DFA passport application don’t require applicants to submit passport photo. They take a picture of you and use it instead.

Procedure for DFA passport new application / renewal

  1. Go to DFA office where you are scheduled to process your application. (Make sure you bring all requirements and your DFA passport appointment copy)
  2. Present your DFA passport appointment copy to guard for verification.
  3. Requirements verification.
  4. Personal information encoding and verification
  5. DFA staff will take a photo of you.
  6. A date will  be given to you when you  can claim your passport (after two weeks)

Note: You can also choose to have your passport delivered to you by LBC. You just need to pay their delivery charge and provide them the claiming stab issued to you.

List of Requirements for Passport Application:

Main Requirements for adult registration:

  • Confirmed Appointment Online.
  • Personal Appearance.
  • Accomplished application form.
  • PSA issued birth certificate (Original copy)

Main Requirements for minor registration:

  • Confirmed Appointment Online except children below 7 years old.
  • Accomplished application form.
  • Personalappearance of the minor and adult escort.
  • BirthCertificate (PSA)
  • Passportor Valid government issued ID of adult escort accompanying the child.

Good luck with your DFA passport application

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