Making Your Application Easier, Quicker and Smoother for SSS, Postal ID, NBI Clearance, Passport etc

Imagine this, you are in the middle of processing an important document but you missed one requirement. What would happen?

Unsuccessful application. Delay and more importantly, a waste of your time and effort. Sucks right? and Frustrating.

We’ve have all been there. It happens and it will continue to happen if this isn’t addressed and properly documented.


Why does it happen in the first place?

Lack of information. Our Filipino habit usually ask people around about the documents need to be prepared prior to applying for the documents needed. In short, hear-say.

Not all of us has the initiative to check online or call the office to ask for the required documents. Well for one thing, direct call to the office don’t always end well because their line is either hanged or busy in another line.

As for online, not all websites out there are user friendly and don’t always easy to navigate so it’s a lease options most of us choose.


What happens if it happened to you?

 I can’t tell how you should react but one thing I am sure of, you will feel disappointed and frustrated the moment you realize, it can’t be done.

 And I can’t blame you for your actions, you are the only one responsible because you have incomplete requirements needed for your application.


What is the purpose of requirements anyway?

 Nothing personal. But the main reason we are asked to submit requirements when you apply for any documents, is to verify your credibility and identity.

You can’t blame the system. You can’t use different IDs with different names on it and use it for different identity. So it is just fair enough to submit these requirements to avoid any multiple identity attempt of some individual or simply to avoid document falsification.


 What types of requirements do you need?

 It depends on what requirements are being asked. Usually, to justify your identity and prove your residency, you are requested to submit a proof of billing named to you and two valid government issued IDs.

There are also instances that a birth certificate or NBI clearance are requested as supporting documents to prove your identity and to verify your criminal record whatsoever.


List of Requirements that are often used and requested:

  • Proof of Identity (Valid ID)
  • Proof of Residency (Proof of Billing)
  • Birth Certificate
  • NBI / Police Clearance